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Application Process For Phase 3

Application forms, application guidance notes and example submissions can be downloaded from the links below.

Submissions are due by Monday 21 October 2016.  If your organisation’s initiative is selected, you will be notified during September and will be asked to schedule a time to record a short video with a senior representative from your organisation. You will also be asked to provide all relevant background and supporting information. This is an essential requirement, as a goal of the project is to ensure that other organisations have the tools needed to replicate and adapt each initiative. By submitting an entry, you agree to provide supporting information.  Both the supporting information and video will feature on the Apollo Project website and app. If your initiative is selected, it will be publicly announced on the Apollo Project website. It will also be featured at the launch event in November 2016 and subject to the editorial discretion of the FT, it may also feature in the global report.

Please send submissions to:

Judging Criteria

The judging panel will look at four areas:

  • Overview and description; 
  • Strength of Business Case;
  • Innovation; and
  • Outputs

Our goal is to find original initiatives that have helped make a positive change in your organisation. We are less concerned with you ticking the box of an entry form and more concerned with getting a clear picture of what you did and how it has been a success. Because of the wide variety of organisations and types of initiatives, we do not expect that each organisation will be able to provide the same level of detail in every application. On the following pages, we have provided some guidance questions to help shape the entry for your initiative. To the extent that it would be helpful, please feel free to adapt previous awards entry submissions, if relevant.

The Apollo Project judging committee has the sole discretion as  to which submissions are chosen for the Apollo Project, whether for any reason or no reason, and may, in its sole discretion, disclose, or refrain from disclosing, any such reason.

We will prepare written materials regarding selected initiatives based on the submissions and supporting materials. You agree that the InterLaw Diversity Forum owns the rights (such as copyright) to any materials that we create and you grant to the InterLaw Diversity Forum the right to use your submission to create such materials.


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Apollo Project Phase One: Winning Submissions Booklet

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